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Side Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation Addiction

In this article we will talk on all the know side effects of masturbation. If you search over other websites then some of them says that masturbation is not harmful. It actually boost your health and performance in your life. According to an estimate, today about 83.2% people at the age from 10 – 50, masturbate. About 72% of them are under 18. This is spreading like fire in forest. I swear I swear I swear, masturbation is harmful for your health. If you want to leave masturbation then have a look on our post about How to leave Masturbation. If you have stuck in the side effects of masturbation then have a look on our another post about how to get rid of Side effects of masturbation.

Note: Side effects of masturbation varies from person to person because of their life style, body structure and food. Following are some common side effects of masturbation.

Side Effects:

  • Stress: Some people say that after masturbation, you will feel good. It is 100% wrong. After masturbation you will feel stress on your mind like someone put 40kg of anything on your mind.
  • Headache: Second and most commonly observed side effect of masturbation is headache. Headache is due to loss of energy from your body.
  • Eye pain: At start you will not feel this side effect but with the passage of time you will feel pain behind your eyes. you will feel that your eyes are ejecting heat.
  • Blurriness: Too much masturbation causes blurriness in your eyes. It will decrease your eyesight. After masturbation you will feel dark in front of your eyes. You must have a look on our article about How to boost your eyesight by food?.
  • Weakness: The worse side effect of masturbation is weakness. You eject your sperm. The formation of sperm requires lots of biochemicals in your body mainly calcium and iron. You should eat lipids containing food. Lipids contain double energy than carbohydrates.
  • Joint pain: After masturbation you will feel pain in legs joint. This is due to weakness of your body. It will also cause back pain in your body.
  • Dry Skin: Release of extensive sperm cause loss of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important to keep your skin and joint, moist. Otherwise your joint will dry out and you may get joints diseases.
  • Sexual Life: Masturbation can decrease your sex time which will effect your sexual life and you won’t be able to make your spouse feel good during sex.
  • Testiness: Masturbation will remove your will of doing hard work and happiness. You will feel tired and testiness. You should feel depression.
  • Penis pain: When your penis does not get enough rest between subsequent masturbating sessions, and is forced into ejaculations, then it becomes weak. It may hurt but this side effect is due to over masturbation.

If you know more side effects then please never hesitate to comment bellow!

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