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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Release Date and Headphone Jack

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The official Galaxy Note 10 release date and information about headphone jack is here. We have talked about in the past how the Galaxy Note 10 could launch on August 7th and today Samsung pretty much confirms it. The event is going to take place in New York City that’s where the Note 9 was unveiled. So Samsung has left the venue unchanged.

Release Time

By the way, these are the official timings the unpacked event is going to take place. 4 PM eastern standard time, 9 PM in London and 1:30 AM in India. So folks over in India have to sacrifice some of their sleep if they want to watch the event live.

Headphone Jack Gone

Anyway, the teaser doesn’t reveal anything new. It shows an S-Pen and a single camera which basically confirms the leaks were on point. Some of you have asked me about the headphone jack. Well, I have talked to some reliable leakers about it and it’s gone, guys. Don’t hold your hopes. I know it sucks but what can you do.

So Samsung Mobile’s CEO DJ Koh talked to reporters and he admitted that the launch of the Galaxy Fold was embarrassing. He said and I quote,

It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready.

I really appreciate what he said. It takes some guts to admit that they screwed up. Most companies would just say you’re holding it wrong. Anyway, DJ Koh also said that they are testing the Fold in all aspects.

We defined all the issues. Some issues we didn’t even think about, but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing

Samsung still hasn’t declared a new release date but that’s okay! Let them take their time. Just make it perfect and don’t screw up this time.

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Finally, the Galaxy S10 owners in the US can take better night photos. The Galaxy S10 was launched with the support for camera night mode but there wasn’t a dedicated setting for it in the camera. It was automatic, but with a software update, Samsung fixed that issue and gave us a dedicated camera night mode. But for some reason, folks over at the United States didn’t get it. Not sure why but it looks like that has changed.

Starting today the US S10 variants are getting night mode too. The night mode does make a huge difference. If you still haven’t got it head over to the settings and check it manually. And if you are thinking to upgrade your smartphone then for sure you can wait for Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11.

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