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OnePlus 6T – Top 6 Upcomming Features

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We are about to kick off an exciting tech month. Lots of exciting phones are coming but one of the most exciting and affordable will be the upcoming Oneplus 6T, the phone that many says could actually be the phone of the year. So in this article, we’ll take a look at the top six amazing upcoming OnePlus 6T features.


First up is the new display design. OnePlus 6T is coming with the all-new front display design we have seen in the leaks and now it’s confirmed.OnePlus 6T will be rocking a teardrop notch or water droplet notch. Now I have experienced this notch in other smartphones like Oppo and Vivo and I would say this is actually not bad at all. I had a pretty good time with this design and I’m glad that OnePlus 60 will have this new water droplet notch design. So we have the new design but the back is still the same dual cameras similar to one plus 6. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back rather it is moved to in-display. Now OnePlus 6T will be rocking in-display fingerprint sensor just like Samsung Galaxy S10.


The OnePlus 6T will have 16 megapixel plus 20-megapixel combination. This is definitely a great cameras combination which will give a nice and amazing pics with great portrait and depth. There has been a rumor of triple cameras as well but I don’t think that’s gonna happen this year because this is what we have officially with the design i.e dual cameras and a water droplet.

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In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Next up is the most exciting one which is going to be the in-display fingerprint scanner. OnePlus 6T is now rocking in-display fingerprint sensor just like Galaxy and the company has confirmed it along with the death of headphone jack. It is expected that Oneplus will be using the latest generation of in-display fingerprint scanner similar to the Vivo V 11 pro. It could be one of the fastest in-display finger scanners. Thanks to the combination of facial as well as the in-display fingerprint greeting, so together! it will give you a super fast unlock speed that we have already seen on the Vivo V 11 pro. As OnePlus is the best company so it could be even faster than that. And just like Oneplus, Samsung is also planning in-display fingerprint sensor for its next Galaxy S10.


On the Oneplus 6T, thanks to a more powerful hardware which is going to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Hence it says, “Unlock the Speed”.


Next on the list is going to be the battery and probably the most meaningful upgrade you will see compared to the previous generation. In the recent league, we have now come to see that Oneplus 6T will have a bigger battery coming at 3700 mAh┬ásize with a lack of headphone jack. The CEO said that they got more space and hence we’re gonna see a bigger battery on the Oneplus 6T. So 3700 mAh battery compared to the 3300 mAh of the Oneplus 6. It’s a nice increase in the battery size

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Android OS

Oneplus 6T will be going to be the first flagship phones to have Android 9.0 Pi version out of the box. Lots of improvements and new features are coming. You have a newer stock version of Android, running with customization options. Not only OnePlus but almost every smartphone company will have Android 9.0 Pi with their latest flagship smartphones. There are also rumors about Samsung that Samsung S10 will have Android 9.0 Pi OS.

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