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Huawei Mate 20 Official Ultra Flagship Phone is Here


The internet is loaded with the new upcoming features of Flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 6T and of course Huawei Mate 20. As we are on the edge to get a release of Huawei Mate 20 so we have got many more leaks and rumors about it. Huawei is going to release this Mate 20 in October 16, 2018. Huawei Mate 20 is the best smartphone especially for photographers as Huawei launches the best camera smartphones. So we are also hoping the best camera in Mate 20. Now let’s dig out some more about this amazing smartphone.


The most exciting thing Huawei is it launches some new features in the market and others just follow it. As an example, Huawei was the first smartphone who launched a dual camera set up at the front. Now, this feature can be seen in many flagship smartphones. Similarly, Huawei launched the first ever Android phone to have a seven-nanometer processor. Actually, everyone is crazy about the 7nm processor. In current time, the flagship smartphones are using a 10nm processor but it’s time for an upgrade. This processor is way faster as well as it will consume less power hence more battery backup.


Huawei Mate 20 will be rocking with a full 6.43 inch TFT LCD display with a 1080p HD plus resolution. The bezels are extremely narrow. Unlike other smartphones like Oppo f9 and Oneplus 6T, we got the water droplet notch as well as a pretty small chin. Huawei Mate 20 is not going to use an OLED display because it’s going to be a cheaper model. On the pro version on the back, we have this squared camera setup that includes triple sensors and also fingerprints sensor scanner on the back. Thank God that they moved the sensor to the back of the phone from the front because this is in a much better position my opinion.

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We have a bigger notch but no chin and there’s a reason why we have a bigger notch here. It’s having a¬†face-ID for the first time. Huawei’s phone is now having a 3d facial scanner that is as good as Apple’s face ID and it’s gonna provide some more features on top of that such as an ability to lock the individual applications having a private screen etc.


The battery on the Huawei mate 20 remains at 4000 mAh similar to the Huawei P 20 pro.

Android OS

We’re gonna see Android 9.0 Pi.


Huawei Mate 20 will be rocking the new Kirin 980 octa-core processor, the most powerful Android chipset right now is going to be the cheaper version of the Huawei Mate 20 pro.


The price range could be in between 800 to 900 dollars so what about the pro version.

also the pro version will be rocking and in display fingerprint scanners something we really want to see on these widely available flagship phones the display will be near 6.9 and it’s going to be an OLED display super big it’s going to be a large phone with a curved edge as well we’re also going to see 512 gigabyte variants with both May 20 and May 20 Pro models now the camera on the bag the processor the Android version will be same but the battery on the pro version will be bigger coming at 4200 mAh the pro will also going to have ip68 certification as seen in these teasers apparently there’s a new underwater mode with the camera that will allow you to take underwater photos and videos that clearly hints at the ip68 certification we’re also going to see Stewart speakers on both models with the Dolby vision support the pro model is also going to have the supercharged 2.0 that will allow 70% charge in about 30 minutes high vision camera feature will be there to translate text and give you live information about the scenes and the spots also the first ever bone ID is leaked as well that will allow you to unlock your phone with wise even in noisy environments so that is interesting both models are expected to have nano SD card support and also there is something called ez projection which shows that you might be able to transform your phone into a desktop without the HDMI connection something like this is also expected to happen with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 we talked about the wireless Dex connectivity so this could be something like that I mean Huawei is definitely one step ahead compared to Samsung with a lot of features here with the made 20 phone especially the may 20 pro really looking forward with that let me know your thoughts in the comment section below again we are nearly at 1 million subscribers guys I want you to show our support so that we can cross this milestone as soon as possible again let me know your thoughts regarding the huawei mate 20 family official stuff coming out of the leaks and soon we’ll see the phone and it gets announced some promise I’m going to bring you guys some early mate 20 videos so I’m super excited to test out the Korean 980 processor so yeah thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace out

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