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Galaxy A90 – Midrange Device With Flagship Specs

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Galaxy A90 so called the best midrange smartphone of 2019 with flagship specs is the next candidate to get released.


OnLeaks, a very reputable leaker shared information that the Galaxy A90 will have a flagship Snapdragon 855 processor. It’s the first time ever that Samsung’s Galaxy A range of devices is getting a flagship processor. That’s the most catching thing for this device as this is going to be a cheaper price point.

Infinity U Display

Also, based on the term tilt OIS in Onleaks’s tweet, we thought the A90 would get the same motorized rotating camera setup as the Galaxy A80 with a full-screen display. But it looks like that’s not really the case. OnLeaks tweeted out again to clarify that the A90 won’t have any motorized parts. No pop-up, no slider, and no rotating camera mechanism. Instead, the handset will have an Infinity U display.

I don’t really get it why Samsung didn’t go with the same setup as the A80. It’s in the trend, the motorized smartphones, people love it and these seem no complaints yet about the durability of these phones. So why not just capitalize on the trend and sell more units. Even a pop-up camera would be absolutely fine too. I can totally get it why they can’t put motorized parts in their flagships but they can absolutely do that in their Galaxy A phones. And I think Samsung is missing a good opportunity by not going for a full-screen display on the A90 because this handset will grab attention for the fact that it’s gonna have a flagship processor. So I think Samsung should have done better than an Infinity U notch.

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Also, OnLeaks revealed the display resolution and as expected it’ll have a full HD+ super AMOLED display. Some of you were saying the last time that Samsung shouldn’t pack so much of features on this handset as it’ll overshadow their main Galaxy S and Note phones. And There’s no point in spending over $1000 for their flagships when you can get this for 700 bucks. Well, now you know it’s not going to happen. Samsung is cutting corners in the display, wireless charging, etc.

Fast Charging

Probably there won’t be a headphone jack either. But the good thing is, it’s getting that insane 45W of fast charging capability. The same one the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is also getting. So yeah, the A90 is going to be a good phone nonetheless.

Night Mode & Slo-Mo

Galaxy S10 was the first Samsung handset that featured a camera night mode. Soon after other flagships like the S9 and Note 9 also got it with a software update. And now, with the Galaxy A50 which is a midrange phone got the same camera night mode via a new software update. Not only that the A50 also got the super slo-mo video recording capabilities. So it is possible that this device will also feature night mode and slo-mo video recording.

Some History

June 29th, 2009 was the day Samsung released its first ever Android smartphone and they named it the Samsung Galaxy. No S or Note just Samsung galaxy. Back then Samsung wasn’t as big as they are right now. Those times the smartphone industry was dominated by the likes of Nokia, Apple, and HTC. But that quickly changed just a couple of years down the line as Samsung kept on releasing great smartphones and quickly rose to the top, the position that they are still holding on. By the way, these are the specifications of the first Galaxy phone. It’s amazing how technology has grown in these 10 years and I wonder where we could be in the next 10 years. God only knows but yeah, this phone was the one which laid the foundations for a decade of best-selling Android phones.

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