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weight loss

8 Painless Ways to Loose Weight

The Atkins diet achieved peak fad status in 2004, and although it’s since been replaced by trendy new ways of losing weight, it’s had a lasting impact on how people view weight loss. Atkins recommended that dieters reduce their intake of carbohydrates. But that can be harder than it sounds. Here are some easy ways […]

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What is the Role of Brachytherapy in Cancer?

What is the Role of Brachytherapy in Cancer? Overview Brachytherapy in Cancer includes placing a radiation source internally either into or immediately next to the tumor. The short distance between the radiation source and the cancerous tumor enables the brachytherapy to offer highly precise, safe and effective radiotherapy. Modern brachytherapy for cancer uses a combination […]

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muscle pain

Muscle pain and its treatment

We all admire muscular body, but we don’t know the invisible and unspoken language of pain behind good muscles. Fine body, perfect curves, heavy muscles, lean fat, handsome personality is the criteria’s of smarty and attractive person. No fat, more muscle is a new trend that is followed by many youths as well as middle-aged […]

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