We All know that brain is one of the most important organs of our body. Similarly, our memory plays the most important role in our daily life. We all want to boost our memory and want to remember everything that we see, listen, taste, touch and even smell. In this post, we are going to talk about best foods to boost your memory but first let us enlist the causes of memory loss.

Causes of Memory Loss

1. Drugs Addiction

Drugs addiction is one of the most important factors that play an essential role in your memory loss. Drugs like alcohol can have very adverse effects on your body. It contains chemicals that paralyzes cerebellum and cerebrum of your brain for some time. So you should stay away from drugs.

2. Less Sleep

Rest refreshes our body to work on a new day. It keeps our body normal. If you sleep less than normal then your body, especially mind can’t refresh itself which proves fatal for your health. So you need proper time for sleep. A normal person requires about 9-10 hours for better sleep.

3. More Sleep

Excess of everything is harmful. If you take rest more than normal then your body can’t run metabolism properly. Which means the low amount of energy to every part of your body including the brain. So your memory becomes weak.

4. Masturbation 

Sperm contains lots of biomolecules that your body needs. Over masturbation may decrease the specific amount of biomolecules in your body which are required for normal function of your brain. So you should get rid of masturbation.

5. Overuse of Electronics

Overuse of mobile phone or computer can be very dangerous, not only for your eyes but also for your brain. It emits radiation which disturbs the normal functioning of eyes and brain. You should cut off your time from mobile phone and computer.

6. Loss of water

Loss of water can cause dehydration in the body. Not only this, it can also damage the normal functioning of your brain. As we know that our brain has almost 75% water. So the loss of water damage the normal function of the body.


The treatment of memory loss is not simple enough and can take some time. Because you can’t see it as a wound. You have to observe yourself and start the treatment right now.

First, remove all the bad habits given above.

1. Avocados


Avocados are the best food to boost your mind. It often gets a bad rep because of their high-fat content, it’s important to note that these green powerhouses are packed with mono-saturated fats or the “good” kind, keeping blood sugar levels steady and your skin glowing.

2. Blueberry


it’s one of the highest antioxidant-rich foods known to man, including vitamin C and vitamin K and fiber. Because of their high levels of gallic acid, blueberries are especially good at protecting our brains from degeneration and stress. Get your daily dose of brain berries in an Omega Blueberry Smoothie, Pumpkin Blueberry Pancakes or on a Healthy Blueberry Cobbler.

3. Almonds


Almonds are one of the best dry fruits. It is highly rich in fats. Fats provide energy to the body and especially to mind. It boosts your memory because fats contain the double amount of energy than glucose. The best way to eat almonds is by soaking them in the glass of milk and eat them at early morning. It will provide energy to your body.

4. Green, Leafy Vegetables


It turns out that Popeye was onto something with his spinach obsession. Getting regular helpings of leafy green brain foods — like kaleSwiss chard, and romaine lettuce — can help keep dementia at bay according to new research.

In the study, which evaluated the eating habits and mental ability of more than 950 older adults for an average of five years, those adults who ate a serving of leafy green veggies once or twice a day experienced slower mental deterioration than those who ate no vegetables, even when factors like age, education and family history of dementia were factored in.

Green, leafy vegetables are also loaded with vitamins A and K (just one cup of kale has more than 684 percent of your recommended daily serving!), which help fight inflammation and keep bones strong. Reap the benefits of these brain foods with a Mango Walnut Spinach Salad or Kale Chips.

5. Salmon Fish

Salmon fish

If you like seafood, get excited, because salmon fish is one of the most nutritious, brain food-friendly foods out there! It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help keep your brain running smoothly ­— goodbye, brain fog — and improve memory.

If you have kids, feeding them salmon can help prevent ADHD by improving their focus. And these same fatty acids can also help prevent cancer and kill tumors — not bad for a four-ounce serving of fish!

Please note that these benefits are for Alaskan wild-caught salmon — farm-raised and regular wild-caught salmon can be filled with mercury and toxins. Enjoy it with these Salmon Cakes or homemade Smoked Salmon Sushi Bowl.

6. Walnuts


It turns out that eating walnuts can keep you from going nuts. Just munching on a few walnuts a day can improve your cognitive health. Their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals also improve mental alertness. The vitamin E in the nuts can also help ward off Alzheimer’s.

7. Egg Yolks


On the nutritional naughty list for years, egg yolks are finally experiencing their well-deserved day in the sun. If you’ve been eating only egg whites, the yolk’s on you. Yolks contain large amounts of choline, which helps in fetal brain development for pregnant women. It also breaks down methane, a chemical that produces hormones related to happiness. That’s right, eggs can make you happy!

If you’ve kept away from eating eggs whole because of cholesterol concerns, there’s good news. Studies show that eating eggs had no effect on the cholesterol levels of healthy adults and might, in fact, help raise good cholesterol levels.

8. Olive Oil


Real extra virgin olive oil is truly a brain food. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols that are found in the oil, including EVOO in your diet may not only improve learning and memory but also reverse the age- and disease-related changes.  The oil also helps fight against ADDLs, proteins that are toxic to the brain and induce Alzheimer’s.

As great as extra virgin olive oil is, remember that it’s not a good option for cooking, as it hydrogenizes and begins decomposing at high temperatures. The best way to get your fill is by eating it cold or at room temperature.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Ahh, coconut oil, one of the most versatile — and good for you — foods out there. With coconut oil uses and cures, there’s almost nothing that coconut oil can’t help.

And when it comes to your brain, it’s full of benefits, too. Coconut oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory, suppressing cells responsible for inflammation. It can help with memory loss as you age and destroy bad bacteria that hangs out in your gut. Get your dose of coconut oil in this Baked Grouper with Coconut Cilantro Sauce or Coconut Crust Pizza.

10. Broccoli


Your mom got it right when she told you to eat your broccoli. It’s one of the best brain foods out there. Thanks to its high levels of vitamin K and choline, it will help keep your memory sharp.

It’s also loaded with vitamin C — in fact, just one cup provides you with 150 percent of your recommended daily intake. Its high-fiber levels mean that you’ll feel full quickly, too. If you’ve only chowed down on overcooked, tasteless broccoli, you’ll love my Crockpot Beef and BroccoliCreamy Broccoli Soup and Broccoli Pesto Dip — they’ll turn you into a broccoli lover fast!