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Normal birth Vs. C-section

All You Should Know About Normal Birth Vs. C-section

If you are an expecting mother inching towards your big day, the looming question in your mind would be whether to go for a normal delivery or a C-section. This is a common confusion among most of the women and this article will help you make the informed choice that suits you the best.

In most cases, the medical practitioner chooses between the two options keeping in mind the best interests of the mother and the baby. Today more than 30% of childbirths are through C section and many mothers opt for it willingly. Before concluding on the choice of delivery, here are some advantages and disadvantages of both normal and cesarean delivery.

Normal delivery

  • Normal delivery is perceived as a very natural birthing format. It involves no incision and is a very favorable birthing process for the physiology of the mother.
  • Since there is no surgery involved, it is easier for the post-partum health of the mother. She can spring back to normalcy quickly as the recovery time is very short.
  • Establishment of lactation is easy with a normal delivery as the hormones released by the body after childbirth takes care of the natural process of milk production.
  • Babies born by normal delivery end up having fewer complications, according to proven scientific studies.
  • Many women fear to have a normal delivery because of the sheer pain they have to go through when in labor. The natural childbirth process involves a series of contractions that increase in frequency with time. These contractions that cause the labor pain, bring about the necessary changes the pelvic muscles to enable childbirth. The pain endurance threshold may be lower for few women and in those cases, they opt for Caesarean. Urinary incontinence is also common after effect of normal delivery.


  • C-section was chosen by women to circumvent long hours of labor pain.
  • However, generally, the doctor decides to have C-section if normal delivery turns out to be the risky option for the mother and the baby. A breech baby or a baby with the cord around the neck, low amniotic fluid levels or a tired mother can be some situations in which a Caesarean is done.
  • It is even opted by many, for the predictability it offers. A convenient time and date are chosen and the operation is performed to avoid having any last minute emergencies.
  • Being a surgical procedure, a cesarean operation can result in longer recovery time for the mother. Proper and extensive post-partum care is necessary for the new mother. Establishment of lactation can be difficult in some cases and the help of a lactation consultant may be required. Fetal distress and respiratory issues can also arise during the cesarean operation, in some cases.

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