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10 Methods to Avoid Depression

10 Ways to Avoid Depression

Today’s world is so complicated. Almost everyone is surrounded by diseases. A handsome looking man can also have some diseases. Depression is one of the most spreading disease of today’s age. Almost everyone, even he is rich or poor, have depression. So we thought to write an article about 10 ways to avoid depression.

1. Getup Early

When you get up early in the morning, you enjoy peace and quietness of environment. You feel your mind light. It is also best for your eyes health. You should get up early in the morning to get rid of depression.

2. Take Exercise

Exercise is the best way to boost your mind’s health. When you take exercise, you sweat and this sweat contain many wastes from your body. It also makes your muscles healthy. Except sweat, your body release many hormones while exercise which are beneficial for your endocrine glands.

3. Get plenty of sleep

In the previous heading, we told you that, “You should get up early in the morning”. But it doesn’t mean that you do not fulfil your sleep. You should sleep early at night and get up early in the morning. If you feel tired, you should also sleep for 1 hour at noon.

4. Cut off social life

On social sites like facebook, twitter, you meet hundreds of people daily. All the people have different mind and different taste. They may be your friends or foe. If you have got depression then social life could be the reason. You should lessen your time on social sites.

5. Say no to Drugs

If you use alcohol or some other drugs, you should quit it right now. Alcohol is the main reason behind depression. It will make you healthy and you will enjoy long life.

6. Control yourself

If you are angry or emotional, you should control yourself. you should learn to face these situations. Try to avoid the reason behind your anger or emotions, otherwise you feel depression.

7. Medication Side effects

If you are using any drugs for your any disease then your depression could be as a side effect of these drugs. You should contact with the doctor. He will help you in this regard. Most common drugs that cause depression are:

  • hormonal medications, like birth control pills
  • corticosteroids
  • anticonvulsants
  • beta-blockers

8. Dehydration

Dehydration means situation when your body doesn’t have as much water as it needs. Dehydration is also the cause of your depression. Your body cannot metabolite well and cannot make enough energy. You should take plenty of water in this situation.

9. Extensive Sex

Your sperm contain lots of energy. You loose it when you have sex or masturbation. If have healthy body and sex twice or thrice a week then its ok. But if you go above it, then sex is actually the main reason behind your depression. You should eat well and take exercise in this situation.

10. Eat Well

Your body requires energy, and your mind also to do work. If you do not provide enough food to your body then you should provide it first. Your mind needs energy to perform better. So you should eat well to get rid of depression.


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