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stop masturbation

10 Methods to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Stop Masturbation

You want to get rid of masturbation but don’t know how? This article will explain 10 methods to leave masturbation right today. Masturbation is also called hand practice, muth, and musht zani etc. This is a psychological disease which can fatal for your gonads (Sex organs). We have enlisted side effects of masturbation. Check them out right now.

Psychological Treatment

Masturbation addiction is the psychological habit. You can leave hand practice by satisfying yourself psychologically.. We have enlisted 10 methods to stop masturbation.

1. Stay busy 

The first thing you should notice is that you masturbate only when you are alone and there is nobody around you. You must sit in between people to avoid masturbation.

2. Be confident

Everything at the start looks impossible. But when you start if you feel that you can do it. you must be confident to leave you masturbation.

3. Avoid Pornography

Leaving pornography can make you control masturbation. When you watch porn videos, you capture their scenes in your mind which stay there for few days and urge you to masturbate.

4. Gym & Yoga

Gym and yoga can also control your masturbation habit. It tries to focus your mind only on your Health and fitness. When you think about masturbation, you think about your health first.

5. Urination

You won’t believe but urination can also reduce your masturbation desire. Urination can reduce the urge of masturbation. The reason is that your gonads pass the liquid through them and you feel comfortable.

6. Leave the Place

If you are anywhere and thinking about masturbation then leave that place and go around people. It should reduce the chances of masturbation.

7. Write your feelings 

If you have masturbated, and you are feeling shame on it then write your thoughts on a page or anywhere else and re-read them when you feel the urge of masturbation. It will really help you to leave masturbation.

8. Avoid Bad Friends

Sometimes friends can tend you to move toward the bad habit of masturbation. Please leave such friends. They are sweat poison for you.

9. Play sports

It takes discipline and persistence to excel at a sport. Develop an interest in running or swimming, or a group sport like soccer, football, basketball, or tennis. Also, any form of exercise will help you relieve tension, feel happier, and make you focus on your physicality in a positive way. Yoga is another form of exercise that can help you feel more relaxed and less likely to feel the sudden urge to masturbate.

10. Get enough sleep.

Urges to masturbate can be exceedingly strong, so make sure you have enough energy to fight those urges. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you frequently forget to go to bed at a reasonable hour, set an alarm to remind you.

Medical Method

In a medical method, we are going to provide you some herbal drugs which do not have any side effects. I also have given their links so that you can contact the seller directly.

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